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In the event that you just recently purchased the Xiaomi Mi4 Android device and you are interested in  adding the stock Android Lollipop 5.0.2 on your Phone. Here is the detailed guide which you can follow on your new ...

How To Install Stock Android Lollipop 5.0.2 on Xiaomi Mi4

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One of the most asked questions since WhatsApp got launched is the ability for users to use the app on PC. There could be many reasons why people want this, for me especially, its just to make sure i keep connected with ...

How To Use Whatsapp On PC & Download WhatsApp Contacts

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If you want to use all Google service on your mobile phone with custom ROMs Installed, You need to install GApps. Are you wondering what GApps is? Well, Google Apps (or GApps Package) is an android program that allow ...

GAPPS : Download Google Apps Package for Android Custom ROMS

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Indubitably,a mobile-friendly brand has become highly imperative to ensure an effective and trendy presence in the market. It not only offers an updated look and feel, but certainly also boosts your business ...

Which Ensures A Surefire Mobile Interaction – Responsive Mobile Or Mobile App?

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You might be amazed just like me when I got to find out that there's a game hidden inside Google Chrome,  and the amazing thing is that it also works on Android too! If you use Google Chrome very often, you would have ...

Google Chrome: Are You Aware of The Hidden Game in Chrome?

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There have been great rumors on the internet that Samsung, Korean Smartphone Manufacturing giants will be releasing a new smartphone to the market very soon. We have seen a lot of rumors lately about Samsung with people ...

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, news and rumors

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What's new on Google’s Translate? Do you know that the Google translate app is now integrated with a more advance and updated Word lens and voice translation feature? Oh yes! Google Translates Product ...

Google Translate Can Now Capture & Translate Languages

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Fragmentation refers to a phenomenon when different mobile users use different versions of same operating system with some using older one and some newer. Moreover different manufacturers also tweak the OS according to their ...

How mobile cloud can resolve the issue of Fragmentation?

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Obviously, its been a successful journey for Konga over the last few months and data are beginning to show for them. The recent data gotten from Alexa and Similarweb shows that is now the most visited Nigeria ... Becomes the Most Visited Indigenous Website in Nigeria

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Do you know that you can run a poll or quiz on twitter using Google forms without stress? Yes! With Google Forms, you can embed polls on your tweets and let people answer directly on twitter without out even going to ...

How to Run a Poll on Twitter Using Google Forms

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Android OS, one of the leading Operating Systems which can be found in million devices, Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, even recently on Smart TVs is now an every day discussion. As New Companies stormed the Technology ...

Best Ways To Handle Common Problems & Use Your Android Device Like A PRO

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Where there's no trust, Nothing works.Yes, for online sales and marketing, trust is very paramount. If there are not trust, everything goes down. This have been a major issue with online shopping site and sales in general ...

How to Build Customers Trust & Boost Online Sales

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