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6 Ingenious Ways You Can Make Money with Amazon!

If you are a stay-at-home mother, chances are that you have done at least some shopping from Amazon or some other online shopping medium. Mobile apps and shopping deals make the temptation to shop online even stronger.

Now imagine that you could actually make Amazon pay to you. Luckily you can grab the opportunity is here!

Read on below to find out some tips and tricks to earn money through Amazon while at home or even on the go:

1.    Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is the most common way you can earn money on Amazon. Under this program, you can earn a certain amount of commission by referring products on Amazon.

This would work wonders if you have a blog, website, or any other online place where you can embed a unique referral link taking your audience to Amazon.

If it results in a purchase, you get a percentage of the sales. For example, if you review books and embed a link in one of your reviews which redirect the reader to your website where he buys the book, then you get a percentage of the revenue.

There are now tools that let you insert text links to Amazon as well as links on images, prices, etc. All you have to do is really make your content advertise the products in a sincere, honest manner.

2.    Get Your Book Published

Are you a budding author? With free registration at Kindle Direct Publishing, your eBook can be published worldwide. No publishing company to impress!

You can write a novel, guide, or anything that invokes your interest and you can earn up to 70% royalty on sales. What’s even lucrative is that you keep your publishing rights and then set your own price. Ultimately, you get free advertising in return and earn a bit of cash as well.

3.    Get Paid In Discounts And Trade-Ins

Technically, this is not about earning from Amazon but buying the needed items at discounted rates. Snagshout is one facility that gives huge discounts, ranging from 50% to 90%, in return for honest reviews of the products.

This can be hugely beneficial if you want to buy these items anyway. Alternatively, you will be able to trade in some items you bought for Amazon store credit.

4.    Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you lack the skills to write a book or a blog, you can always make good use of your free time to do small tasks on Mechanical Turk. The jobs are small and low-paying. But since they take little time, you will walk away with a handsome aggregate amount of money. The tasks could vary from a fifty cent description to a $2.50 review.

5.    Amazon Merch

This allows companies and individual to advertise their logos and designs on Amazon which can be printed on T0shirts. It’s an amazing opportunity as it requires no payment other than for voluntary advertising.

6.    Become A Seller

It may seem obvious; where you are buying, now you sell! You can see your original content using Amazon’s CreateSpace which would turn your music, for example, into a finished CD and then pay you if it gets sold.

Amazon Handmade features your crafts on Amazon. In general, you could act as a third-party seller which Amazon encourages in addition to selling from its own warehouse.

Wrapping Up…

To sum up, it makes more sense to utilize Amazon in earning a bit of money. It is also a more fulfilling alternative than whiling away time playing video games or binge-watching TV shows. On the other hand, earning on Amazon is something you can do while conducting other activities too.

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