5 Ways To make Your Ecommerce Store More Attractive To Customers

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The tech-savvy world is moving more and more towards online shopping. When there is no brick and mortar to decorate, it’s the website of the store that does the trick. To make a business run successfully online, the stores need to have the competence to attract customers. The revenue generations of e-commerce stores are entirely depended on how the customer finds the websites to be and how allured he is by what is at offer. To make sure that your potential customers are not loped away in spite of so many quality products at offer, you need to make your ecommerce store more attractive to them.

But from where should you start? Here’s a compact guide on how you can make your ecommerce store more attractive to customers:

1. Informative and uncomplicated content

The content you put up on your ecommerce store should be simple and informative. The headings of your products, the descriptions, and other terms and conditions should be communicated to the visitor in a very lucid way. The headlines should explain in gist, the utility of the product. There should be two descriptions; one short description for providing a petite summary of the product and a long description for providing all the information that a customer might have got in a brick and mortar store. When customers visit your e-store, they would not be much interested in browsing through the dictionary. To avoid your potential customers to move on to other competitor stores, you should bind them with content that is effortless to read and understand. The offers and other timely information should also be transparent in the words you use to advertise them in.

2. Images and Videos

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Any visitor to your ecommerce store sees before he reads. Therefore, the images you put up on the store is very important. This holds true for product images as well. Put up pretty images of the products taken from different angles. More importantly, you should design your homepage very carefully. The visitor should be attracted to explore more into the website. A website with a video on the homepage was found to be more engaging by the customers. The video should be of high quality, and a short one. Creatively inform the visitors about your ecommerce store through this video. You can also put on promotional videos from time to time. Apart from that, color coordination of the images and videos to the background of the website must be kept in mind.

3. Customization of products

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Another way to attract customer is to give them the option to personalize their products. When the user or customer is allowed to choose products and modify them according to his needs, the probability of buying the product increases. In an era of me too stores if a store gives product customization as an option it has a real chance of standing out. As the customer actively spends time on customizing a product, the level of satisfaction and brand recall goes high and the customer keep coming back for more..

4. Systematic categorization

Nothing is more attractive than a user friendly store. The display of items on your ecommerce store shouldn’t be haphazard. Sort out the products and other things into different group under the menu bar. Sub-categorize them to make it easier for the visitor to search for what he might be interested in. Apart from the product classification, other options should also be well displayed on the site. For example, if a potential customer is looking for answers to some general questions, he should be able to quickly find a section that answers FAQs, if someone wants to contact the store directly, your contact information should be immediately available to him without much exploration.

5. Speed

It’s one of the most important factors that determine how much a visitor likes to scroll through your ecommerce business. If the page is slow to load, it is inevitable that you will lose a significant number of customers. While the customer has an array of other options available, he might not like to shop from a site where he is having difficulty in browsing through different products. Your ecommerce store should respond really fast after the click. It also makes the visitor to go through more products and the chances of conversion are much higher. Not all of your potential customers will have high speed internet to scroll through the website, serve them with an easy and fast store even when their connectivity isn’t that great!

6. Mobile friendly Stores


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People are moving more and more towards compact gadgets. Online shopping is not restricted to personal computers and laptops but a significant part of the traffic is moving to smartphones. To allure more visitors you should make mobile friendly e-stores or another version of your store which runs well on phone as well. Phone screens provide you little space as when compared to computer or laptop screens, so you should optimize your content accordingly. The size of the images and the area covered by videos is what you should look into while making your e-commerce appealing to the mobile users.


Fun shopping with reliability will breed good brand image: repeatedly assure users that products are genuine and money transaction is safe. Many new customers are hesitant to transact online, your assurance will further push them to go on. Quick and reliable delivery service guarantee highlighted on browsing site gives a sense of security to customers. Give options for customer feedback and rating. You can also add an option of live chat to make it easy for the buyer to interact directly with the seller.

An attractive website is an important part of your ecommerce business. Therefore, to make it profitable, you should always include the designing of the portal into your core business strategies. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, the whole trade is dependent on that one address so it becomes important to handle it intelligently.

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