4 Simple Tips to Increase the Lifespan of a Mac

On the whole a Mac is an incredible device that is engineered to perfection and built to last. That being said time will inevitably take its toll on your Mac eventually and sooner or later your Mac’s performance will start to dip and other issues may surface as well.

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The good news is that you can actually increase the lifespan of your Mac and make sure that it continues to perform well for a long time yet. All you need to do is follow these tips:

4 Simple Tips to Increase the Lifespan of a Mac

  • Upgrade the software regularly

Making sure your OS X is constantly updated is extremely important as each new release includes security fixes and optimizations that will help your Mac last longer. Additionally it also would be a good idea to keep your device drivers up to date too.

  • Keep the exterior of your Mac clean

Honestly this is really just common sense but you should keep the exterior of your Mac as clean as possible. Not only does that include wiping down the monitor and keyboard, but it also entails making sure the ports and vents are dust-free using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

  • Avoid ‘hard shutoffs’ wherever possible

As a rule of thumb you should never unplug your Mac directly or hold down the power button to force it to turn off. These ‘hard shutoffs’ may damage the internal circuit boards on your Mac, so unless your Mac is completely frozen you should stay away from them.

  • Clean the hard drive to get rid of junk

One of the main culprits that causes a Mac’s performance to dip is when the hard drive is full. That is why it is always best to clear any junk files that aren’t needed from your hard drive.

Rather than attempting to find and delete junk files manually, you should try using Movavi Mac Cleaner. It will help you to clean junk files from Mac by automatically scanning it and letting you delete them with a single click.

Aside from making it so easy to remove junk files from your Mac, Movavi Mac Cleaner also has a helpful ‘Uninstaller’ feature that will let you uninstall apps that you don’t need. The upside of using this feature is that you can make sure that no leftovers remain, and also detect and remove leftovers from apps that you uninstalled previously to free up even more space.

All in all using Movavi Mac Cleaner regularly to maintain your Mac and keep its hard drive in ship shape will help to extend its lifespan considerably. Coupled with the other tips that were highlighted above, you should be able to make sure your Mac really does go the distance.


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