If you are a professional blogger who writing over 3 blog posts every day then probably you facing issues in selecting blog topic ideas and you want some tools to generator random blog topic ideas on a specific keyword. Blog topic generators can help you out but you need to have them in a wide range.

Here we collected some impressive blog post topics generators that can help you out in selecting your blog post topics. After having the list of blog post topics generators you can focus on just writing quality content.


  1. Hubspot Blog Post Generator:


Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform that helps companies and individuals to attract visitors and to bring an increase in sales. They offers free blog post generator online for bloggers and content writers that they can generate random blog post topics on their selected nouns.


Hubspot Blog post generator will produce some random topics for selected nouns as like mentioned in the below image.

  1. Portent Title Maker

Portent blog post title maker is just a simple word combination tool which works perfectly to generate a blog post title. This tool is also provides some appeal, adding little jokes and yarns in bubbles along a random topic.

portent title maker

This is tool is quite interesting and funny but, when you will get use to hands on this tool then you will love to working with this one tool to generate your blog post titles.

  1. Kill Writers Block

This tool is powered by InBoundNow.com this is quite similar to above listed blog title generator tools. You will found that tool simple, easy and helpful to generate interesting blog post title ideas.

  1. Link Bait Content Title Generator

This tool has some additional features to generate custom blog titles which the above list tools are not providing. When you type your single word to generate blog post ideas then it also ask you about content type. Yes, the content is types are mentioned below which the tool is asking to generate random blog post title.

  • Controversial
  • Fun
  • A List
  • Shocking
  1. Content Forest Title Generator

This is another impressive blog post title generator which works amazingly like above listed title generators.

You just need to type one word and the tool will generate number of custom blog titles for you. As this is the software which works through some coding so the result wouldn’t be only perfect but it can help you a lot in getting interesting blog post ideas for your content.

  1. Content Strategy Helper

Did you hear about this blog post generator tool before? Yes, this is tool is less popular but quite impressive to use because it would be associated with your Google Spread Sheet.

This online software will collect relevant information from GoogleNews, Reddit and from different high authority sites where you can get latest trends and most actively discussed topics.

  1. BuzzSumo

This is a great platform to check most shared content on the internet. This site will give you multiple results with social share count of each post. BuzzSumo is great analysis tool to check what kind of content title is most appealing. This tool is free and easy to use.

  1. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

In this tool you just need to enter a keyword and the tool will generate multiple blog post ideas for you. This tool can give you wide range of suggestions for your blog post topic at once. You can choose any topic from its given list.

  1. SEO Pressor’s Blog Post Title Generator

This tool is also a famous and SEO’s favorite topic ideas generator tool which helps SEO’s and bloggers to get blog post title suggestions according to latest trends and latest title styles. Simply add your keyword in the given space of the tool and after pressing your keyboard enter key the software or online tool will show number of titles regarding your entered keyword.

  1. BlogAbout powered by ImpactBnd.com

In collection of the blog post title generators we found this one most beautifully designed software. For using this online tool you just need to type your industry area or service which you providing for example: Customer Support, Content Writing and etc. This online tool will give you suggestion according to your typed business. The tool is really working impressively in generating random blog post ideas.



All the above tools are working perfectly but robotically. You cannot expect more from software. Human’s effort required to polish given topic ideas to write content on generated title ideas.

Hope you would like the list, If we forget to mention any tool which you are using and its working efficiently then please give us your recommendations below in comments sections that we will appreciate it.

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