Creating a logo design is not an easy encounter as many people perceive it. Rather, it is not complicated in any way. Prior planning and organization are key to designing an incredible logo. A good logo should have key characteristics that distinguishes it from other icons that resembles logos. These characteristics include;


A good logo should be simple. The message in the logo should be straight forward. As stated “A custom logo is an emblem, not a manifesto”. This means that the Logos should be easy to understand. Difficult logos fails to engage the audience in the intended capacity. Therefore, in order to ensure that the audience gets the message in a logo and respond to it, make it simple.

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Versatility entails making the logo appealing and popular to as many people as possible. Your intended logo should be appealing in different places. For instance, some logo designs may be appealing on billboards but horrible in mugs. Such a logo cannot achieve the intended purpose. This is because not many people may be available for posters and billboards as compared to their availability for mugs and other household goods.



A good logo should be unique. You should not copy paste a logo. It should be unique and inspiring so as to draw the attention of many people. Copy pasted logos are monotonous to people hence they do not pay attention to them. Therefore, ensure to make your logo design unique by conducting research on the availability of such logos.

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A good custom logo design should be appealing to its viewers. This is to ensure they are attracted to its hence being more concerned about its contents. In such a way, more potential customers are going to be attracted to your company. A good logo should have the correct color combination. Colors and design shows the responsibility of a particular company hence attracting more loyal customers. You can only make your logo appealing through prior planning to identify aspects such as customer’s tastes and presences, target market among other key aspects.

Appealing Logo


A good logo should be flexible. This means that the logo can easily be used on different platforms. The logo should be appealing in the social platforms, communication Medias, posters, billboards, mugs, personalized items among other places. This is to ensure that it reaches as many audience. Through this more and more potential customers are going to be drawn into the company hence more sales.

Flexible Logo Design

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