Finding business tools that cost you a fortune is easy because the Internet is littered with them. That is why this list only features either free tools, or business writing tools that are very reasonably (and fairly) priced. Many of them are suited for novice businessperson, and some of them are fan favorites amongst veteran entrepreneurs.


Business Writing Tools

10 Best Business Content Creation Tools

If this list were ranked in any way, then this Content Creation tool would still take the number one spot because it solves a very current and annoying problem. If you are one of the lucky few, that doesn’t know this problem, then here it is: Anybody bought a Windows 8 PC or laptop recently? If you have, then you have probably upgraded it to Windows 10 right away so that you save $100+ on buying a laptop/PC with it already installed. The kicker is that the word processor that comes with Windows 10 isn’t worthy of wiping the slime from the orifice of a man with no nose (in winter, when somebody stuffed chili powder up his nose).

The open office tool fixes that problem (and more) by giving you all the tools you should have had installed as standard. It is a strong competitor for Microsoft office, and it is free. The angels that created it should have their halos dipped in gold.

The pricing, terms and conditions on this content creation tool are a little shaky, which means you need to do a little research into the tool before you use it, but it does offer a level of business-planning help that others lack. It is a little manipulative, and the website is mightily over-optimistic about its actual usefulness for veteran businesspersons, but so many amateur and novice entrepreneurs/businesspersons use it that it warrants a place on this list.

Yes, it is just a spellchecker, and you probably have twenty of them saved to your favorites list, but this one is special because it doesn’t use the Ginger database, which means it is going to spawn different results to those you find on the Internet (in most cases). They use their own Nadaclair Language Technologies, a portmanteau (look it up) of the last names of the creators. Its only downside is its limited word count per scan, but it is free so you cannot complain.


Sometimes we are lost in our own esoteric little world to the point where we cannot see our own wood for the trees. In other words, there are times when your intimate knowledge of your business let’s you down in the communication area. Your closest troop of staff lackeys can understand the text, but nobody else this side of mars can. If this sounds vaguely familiar, then the tool may come in handy. It is a blunt tool with which to dissect your work, but will give you a vague idea of how easily other people will understand your work. The younger the reading age it rates your work, then the more people are likely to understand it.


The tool is used for collaborative business writing, which means if you are working with a group of people then it may be helpful. It has real-time collaboration with a virtual whiteboard that has infinite pages; it has real-time communication via voice conferencing software and text chat. You get permanent storage, there is support for image uploading and you get access to basic drawing tools.

There are times when you need to copy and paste web content and business writing from your somewhere else to your document. However, a lot of sales copy is done with a variety of capital letters and/or bullet points with capital letters at the start of each section. Working such content into a well-honed piece of business text may be time consuming as you remove and replace the capital letters. This tool does all the work for you, plus it has a variety of setting to suit the type of work you are do.

This tool is sexy in its simplicity, plus it is free to use on your web browser. When you rewrite something, or rely on something heavily as a reference, there are times when sentences and/or sentence fragments sneak into your text like a raccoon sneaking into your bacon seller (we all have one, right?). That diff-checker tool allows you to paste your version on one side and the original on the other and it will highlight the elements that are the same.


Create your best writing


The AssignmentMasters team has scores of people from different industries that are able to write your business-related content or subject matter with consummate ease. Many of them have years of experience in their respective sectors and are able to create anything from the simplest spam message to intricate business plans and proposals. Even if you do not use their work verbatim, they are still able to offer a lot of insight and ideas that you may not have come up with unilaterally.

 Dark Room

The dark room is all about your text without the distractions and features you usually associate with business writing software. It is for people that are easily distracted and prone to procrastination. It is a little primitive and lack-luster for some people–but that is the point!


The CMW tool, is a release generator. When you were in college, you probably used reference generators and found them to save you a lot of time and effort. This content creation tool works in a similar way by sectioning off the elements of your press release so you may enter each piece separately and have it combined in a uniform manner when you are finished. It ensures that all your press releases are formatted and arranged in the same way.

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