The smart phone technology is making long strides towards the future, the present day smart phones will be nothing compared to what the future holds for us. This innovation and growth in technology has gotten the interest of everyone who is concerned with this industry. The app developers and programs, to be specific, have tailored all their efforts to keep on creating some of the best applications, which can further make the experience of using a smart phone like iPhone all more worthwhile.


The best catch for iPhones and Android phones is their ability to customize each and everything through the use of applications. From having different options in basic camera, to editing pictures on the go or completing your office work with a phone, all this is only possible with the continuous development and evolution of applications in the iPhone world. If you are an experienced iPhone user, you might already be aware of some of the must-have applications that you should be downloading to your phone, but if you are not an experienced user or you need a rundown of some of the best applications, then this guest post will be detailing that out easily in the further sections of this article.

Social media applications

Facebook is obviously one of the most popular applications to download when it comes to diving into the world of social media apps. Facebook, even after such a long time, still stands to be the most downloaded social media application on smart phones and not just iPhones. Besides Facebook, obviously there are other very useful applications that you can use. The LinkedIn social media app or Twitter for iPhone is some of the most common applications and also very useful. You can also download Instagram if you are a fan of photo sharing, as Instagram stands to be the second most downloaded application within the social media circle.

Messengers and free calling

If you are one of those who want to enjoy something more than just basic texting, then iPhone will offer you a lot more diversity. You can download messengers like WhatsApp or Line messenger, you can also shift your focus to downloading Skype, the world’s most popular online video calling application. You can further download applications like Tango and Viber for more connectivity and instant free calling. All these applications surprisingly will not cost you a single penny, they are free to download and give you all kinds of connectivity functions you always wanted.

Casual gaming

If you are someone who likes a bit of gaming on their iPhones, then popular games like Angry Birds and EA Sports FIFA can be your good companion. Download them completely free of cost from the iTunes and enjoy the smart phone gaming experience.

Music Apps

Some of the popular music applications that can provide you access to thousands of music labels and tunes online are Soundcloud; Spotify and Shazam are some of the interesting applications which can really provide you entertainment on the go.

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