A number of parents are prone to get uncomfortable with regard to whether or not they should engage in monitoring their child’s use of the internet. However when it comes down to the basics of it, parental monitoring has less to do with actual privacy and is more associated with safety. The following are some reasons why you should actually engage in monitoring the internet activity of your child.


Cyber bullying:

A number of children are harassed online by cyber bullies and tend to face a lot of emotional distress because of it. They are however unable to tell their parents what they are going through which is why monitoring can be of help and alert you when your child might be being bullied or for that matter bullying someone else


Teenagers often find it fun and sexy to take inappropriate pictures of themselves and send them to others or may engage in passing on such pictures of other individuals. Through monitoring, you can ensure such behavior does not occur

Predators online:

A number of child predators can be found on the internet who look to develop friendships with children and you won’t be aware of this unless you’re monitoring and watching what is going on

Informs you regarding dangerous activities online:

If your child is engaging in conversations about illegal things with friends online, engaging in suspicious behavior or looking to commit suicide, you will be able to intervene before anything bad happens

Look for the bad friends:

At times, peers try to convince others to engage in drugs, shoplifting or doing other wrong things. The best thing to do would be to have a talk with your child about these issues and to bring them up in a neutral manner

Protecting their personal information:

Unintentionally children tend to reveal personal information online which could cause digital strangers to find them in real life which could lead to a whole lot of trouble

Protect their reputation:

There are things which shouldn’t be posted online which could harm your child’s reputation and which could hurt their future opportunities. Through monitoring your child’s internet activities, you can make sure they don’t post anything which could cause damage

Identify any theft:

Children are often prone to give out too much information which can make it easy for anyone to steal their identity.

Malware and viruses:

It is difficult for children to understand what website is trustworthy and what should or should not be downloaded. They could unknowingly infect the computer and through monitoring this could be prevented

Limit the amount of internet use:

Through monitoring your child’s internet use, you’ll be aware of how much time they are spending online which could allow you to limit their time online to a decent amount

These are some of the reasons why parents can monitor their child’s internet use; there can certainly be many more. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your child safe from harm.


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