Four Best Mobile Phones In The World Today

The constant battle between some of the coolest smart phone or the best mobile phone brands is never-ending. Every day we see a new brand trying to make an opportunity for itself in the pool of some of the biggest giants already playing in the market. This is where the consumer becomes a king, with so many choices and options available for them to choose from. The best thing about smart phones today is the fact that they have no upper or lower price capping, you can find as good a phone in a very limited budget with numerous options while a luxury phone with multiple options at a really high price.

best mobile phones

Best Cellphone in the world

If you check out the smart phone market, giants like Apple and Samsung compete head to head every year with their new phones range and are the top-selling smart phone companies currently in the world. Previously, there were companies like Motorola, Sony and Nokia who used to be the giant of all, surprisingly losing the battle because they just failed to anticipate the changing marketing trends, compete with the technology offered by the likes of Apple and Samsung. Today, our blog will focus on four of the best smart phones available globally from different companies. These four phones are taken through in-depth consumer reviews and analysis as to why they are so good and what makes them the best of all others available?


Yes, you read it right. Apple’s new iPhone is not standing currently on the number one position of the best mobile phones / global smart phones available in the market. The top phone which stands currently is the HTC One M8. It is known as the phone with very few flaws in it. The five inches Android screen phone with high-definition display, offers the functionality much greater than any other giant in the market. With Duo Camera and a whopping 5 Mega Pixel front camera, its use is much more beyond than the basic conversation and socializing. If you talk about speed and entertainment, then the Snap Dragon technology is something that makes the phone ultra-powerful and fully supports all games on Android.

iPhone 6

Yes, not first but second, the new Apple iPhone 6 is currently standing number 2 in the world’s best mobile phones positioning based on consumer reviews. Apple with its technological advancements and design never fails to satisfy its customers and loyal fans. This time the phone design is also slightly changed with curved edges and even bigger screen. The iPhone comes with a rear camera of 8 Mega Pixel and 1 GB of Ram for super-fast speed.


The third phone which currently owns a lot of customer attention and interest as well as terrific reviews is the new LG G3. The phone is said to compete directly with the likes of Apple’s new phone with a 5.5 inches of screen display and 2 GB of Ram.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Finally, the Samsung joins the party with its latest release Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you are looking for a combination of a tablet and a phone, then Note 4 should be your ultimate choice.


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1 Comment

  1. Cassie

    August 5, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    I personally love my iPhone 6 and I can’t see me changing from iPhone for a while!

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