Nowadays, almost all of us have seen a website thus we often have an idea how an effective website looks like. Unfortunately, there are a handful of web designers that never seemed to learn from their previous mistakes without realizing that these costly mistakes are driving people away from the website itself.

8 Web Design Mistakes That Actually Drive Traffic Away From Your Site

For one, web design is not a place for experimenting. A website is not just the business’s online presence, but it is also a source of pride and reputation. The value of your website should be evident, and none of these mistakes should be present.

8 Web Design Mistakes That Actually Drive Traffic Away From Your Site

1) Information

We are living in an information-rich world wherein knowledge and data can become obsolete easily. For optimal results, the website should include fresh, unique, informative and useful contents. If the contents are outdated, you might be risking your site’s credibility. Also, ensure that all the details you put in your website is accurate.

2) Typography

While a web designer must be able to showcase his aesthetic skills in designing a website, this does not mean experimenting with fonts and colors. About two to three variations of such are enough for every page given that the fonts and colors are within the hues that the brand uses. The website should be solid and stable and the typography should be consistent within the site.

3) Page

There should be no orphan pages or those pages whereby there is no obvious navigation where the visitor should go next. Every page should point to the homepage somehow. Users tend to forward the homepage URL to their friends when the opportunity arises.

4) Link

Broken links, or those links that are no longer working, complicate the browsing experience. Make sure that all the links you placed on the website are working and pointing to the exact contents based on the anchor texts. Put a link saying to “Contact the Webmaster” so that the user can inform you in case he or she encounters a broken link. In this way, you can fix the error quickly. Better yet, conduct a regular broken link analysis.

5) Navigation

The fact that navigation should be logical and intuitive enough cannot be emphasized even a ten-year-old must be able to find his way throughout the site. Aside from navigation bars, you should not underestimate the capability of a site map in telling your visitors what he or she can expect from your site.

6) Button

The back button is one of the most important buttons for any user more so when the page cannot be opened in a new tab. The user wants to see what’s on the next page. If the user regards it as not useful for him or her, the user should be able to go back to the previous page and continue looking for the information he or she is searching for. Thus, deactivating the back button is a no-no.

7) Server

Did you know that an online shopper clicks away if the site loads in more than 4 seconds? That’s the risk that your website has to take if it loads more than this. Analyze the website’s load speed, and then do anything to make it faster.

8) Integration

When sharing URLs and contents, there should be social sites widgets. People would want to share what they have read and learned from your site. Don’t be the one to limit the shareability of your information. So, put the widgets on your site.

Sometimes, the mistakes are in front of us waiting to be noticed. Even if you are not a website designer, you will know if your website is working properly or not. The bottom line is, once you’ve noticed these web design mistakes, contact your web designer or address the problem yourself.

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Jeric is a Filipino blogger and a digital marketing enthusiast. He's currently working at Optimind, a digital marketing agency that provides different services such as SEO, social media marketing, mobile app development and web design in the Philippines
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