How to Cancel Your Windows 10 Upgrade Reservation

Now that we are expecting the windows 10 to launch by July, its possible to make some reservations, but then you need to seriously consider what the upgrade will be for your computer. But if you have made the reservation yet and you think you made the wrong choice, Well you can still cancel your reservation.

According to the Microsoft FAQ page, you can cancel your windows 8 reservation the same way your use to reserve.

How to Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade Reservation

First thing, you need to log into your computer then Right-click the Windows 10 upgrade icon on your system tray then select Check your upgrade status.


Once you click on the Check your upgrade status, then you will see the message that your upgrade is reserved. Now you can click the menu at the upper left corner. On the menu, you will see various tabs, Go below over to Getting the upgrade then click on View confirmation.


Once you click that you will get another screen that shows your resevation, and then you will get the option to cancel the reservcation. All you need do is click on the small cancel reservation link like it is below.


When you click on this, then you get a verification box verifying your cancellation, So if you no longer want to cancel your windows 10 reservation, then click Keep my reservation, but if you still want to go ahead, click on the Cancel reservation button.


That’s all on how to cancel windows 10 upgrade reservations.

But if you later need to make a reserve again, you can go through the wizard again before July 29th release date.

For more in-depth conversation on the new Windows 10 OS, check out the Windows 10 Forums.

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