5 Future Trends in Internet Marketing

Ever since humans began to specialize and have their own trades or services, we’ve been looking for ways to tell people about them in the hopes that they’ll give us their business. In the past it was word of mouth or a shop in the center of the village with a sign on the door. As our civilization advanced it became mediums such as television and radio; however, none have the rivaled the marketing power of the internet. Being able to reach such a vast audience at such a good price has revolutionized the way we advertise our businesses.

5 Future Trends in Internet Marketing


As always, the only thing that remains constant is change, so we have to expect that the most recent trends such as social media, target marketing, and mobile technology will be replaced with new, more lucrative business practices. We have listed 5 trends that we believe will be at the heart of the new age of internet marketing.

5 Future Trends in Internet Marketing

  • Micro targeted ads

In the past, advertisers had no choice but to broadcast their ads to a large audience, and hope that they reached the ones willing to buy. Thankfully, for both the advertiser and the audience, those days are gone. Target marketing has allowed advertisers to narrow-down their audience based on tracked preferences .The revolution in internet marketing has mirrored the revolution in internet entertainment in such a way that we can now completely customize both our entertainment options, and what ads we see. In the future we can expect to see ads that are so focused onto an audience, that you might not see them as intrusive money grabs any longer. The ads will be so tailor-made to your personal preferences, that you will welcome the opportunity to view it.  Expect ads to become so interwoven into your entertainment experience that you don’t even notice that they’re ads anymore.

  • Minimalism

 People born in the age before the internet wouldn’t be able to comprehend the amount of content and information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  From the moment you begin browsing the web you are met with an onslaught of media all screaming “Click on me! Click on me!” or “Buy this! Buy this! As users have become more savvy and experienced, they have grown a good sense of what is and isn’t a good idea to click on. Our lives are overly-digitized, and it seems as the though the age of glitzy, shiny, blinking ads screaming at us to click are going to be a thing of the past. Companies like Apple already have very minimalistic ad campaigns, and social media outlets like Pinterest or Instagram are straight to the point. There is no reason not to expect that the ads of the future will be minimalistic, and offer us simple, effective, and practical products or services that will enhance our everyday life experience.

  • Your brand will need a face

Having a personal touch to your brand is already a game changer, but in the marketing world of the future, it will be an absolute necessity. Social media and mobile technology will grow to unprecedented standards in the coming years, and people who are used to constantly interacting with other users on the web are not going to want to interact or work with some archaic, draconian corporation. Customers will want to know that they are buying a product or service from you and not from the company. It is already becoming commonplace for you to see big brands having personal representatives on social media. This allows customers to connect to the brand in a way that just wasn’t possible only a few decades ago.  The giant, seemingly evil “OmniCorp” of popular science-fiction should become a thing of the past.

  • Real time reverse auctions

A reverse auction is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an auction where sellers compete to get business from buyers. As the digital world and the “real” world become ever more intertwined, we will begin to see more and more advertisers seeking to advertise in real time. Imagine this: you’re walking down the street in a crowded city, and pass someone wearing a killer pair of retro Nike basketball shoes. You focus in on them with your smart glasses or phone, and are instantly shown where you can find them in the vicinity, and what price the store offers. On top of that, internet vendors will be able to submit a bid to you in real time just like a reverse auction. All vendors will have to offer the lowest price possible, or add other perks to the deal to get you to buy the product that you are interested in. This won’t only be limited to physical products, either. What if you want some sushi, and all sushi restaurants in the area begin to offer you the best price based on your own preferences?  The possibilities will be limitless.

  • The explosion of augmented reality(AR)

 Augmented reality is just another way that technology is blurring the line between the digital and the real. AU is technology that allows for the enhancement of the everyday reality that we experience. For instance, a keyboard projected onto your fingertips like the one patented by Samsung. Expect big things in the form of advertising using a mix of the web and reality. As saturated as the world of marketing has become, advertisers will need to find new ways to stand out from the old fashioned, run of the mill ads that we have become accustomed to. New wearable technologies in the mold of Google Glass will help to make these advertisements come to life before our eyes, and really open up our lives to incredible, mind-blowing experiences. Being able to see, in real time no less, the benefits of a product, and to be able to feel, smell, or even taste ( yes, taste or smell via mobile phones) a potential purchase will produce inconceivable marketing opportunities.


It is safe to say that we are living in the most fascinating and exciting time in human history. The possibilities afforded to us now by our technologies are nearly limitless. The pace of progress is rapid, and what was viable for us yesterday probably won’t be for us in the future. Marketing, like all other aspects of human society, will have to adapt to ever-changing trends, values, ideas, and technologies within our collective experience. It doesn’t matter if it is a hologram simulating an experience with a product, or being able to taste and smell a prospective meal at a local restaurant via your mobile phone, the future trends of internet marketing will change the way we shop and spend in ways that will captivate our imagination. I, for one, am excited.


Author Bio

This is a Guest Post written by Fadi Azba is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of BlueHat Marketing, a leading Canadian digital marketing firm. Throughout his years of cutting-edge work in the digital marketing, webdesign and tech start-up fields, he has successfully developed multiple business ventures and become an authority on search engine marketing and optimization.


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