The whatsapp desktop / browser app supports desktop notifications in Google Chrome which means you get notified once messages come into your chat. So you don’t need to keep staring at your chat for a reply. And also, you have the ability to send picture directly from your device.

But one bad thing is that, you mobile phone has to be connected to the internet while using the Whatsapp messenger for webs, so you can put off your phone and use whatsapp on your PC.


To zoom in or get a bigger version of your contact’s profile picture, You can just right-click on the profile picture of any WhatsApp contact, and then copy the link address, You will get so something like is

Here the green string represents the contact’s phone number, while the red string (t=s) is the size of the image, you can change the size by changing s to L. (S= Small, L= Large).

How To Save your WhatsApp Contact / Address Book Locally

This is a feature you will not see on your Whatsapp mobile app. But here you can easily export your WhatsApp Contacts to your desktop.

WhatsApp Contacts

  • Drag this WhatsApp bookmarklet above to the toolbar of your Google Chrome.
  • Once you do that, then open on your computer.
  • Once the page opens and you are logged in. Now click on the bookmarklet in the toolbar.
  • You can pick which ever export option your want, you can create a CSV list or create a print-ready addressbook of your WhatsApp contacts.

The WhatsApps app UI itself is written in React, a JS library from Facebook. If you are curious to know how the bookmarklet works, see the annotated version. Thanks to Amit Agarwal for the information.