Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, news and rumors

There have been great rumors on the internet that Samsung, Korean Smartphone Manufacturing giants will be releasing a new smartphone to the market very soon. We have seen a lot of rumors lately about Samsung with people asking about whats in stock for the new Galaxy S6.


Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t really a good revenue smartphone for the company, in fact it has been a disappointment on sales. That is why the company decided to come up with a new and improved smartphone which is projected to improve its revenue and maybe take place of the lost sales. As at now, the Samsung galaxy S5 is the second best-selling smartphone in the world right now, but didn’t really meet up with Samsung’s expectations.

So now what should we expect from the Samsung Galaxy s6?

Here are some release date, news and rumors from around the internet

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release dates

Samsung haven’t officially told us the release date of the new Samsung galaxy s6 yet, But rumors and news indicates that the phone is likely to be released during the week of Mobile World Congress 2015 just like Samsung did for the Samsung galaxy s5 last year. Some rumors also states that Samsung will be releasing the smartphone in a separate event. But all of this sum up to the fact that the Samsung s6 will likely be released first week of March.

The Mobile World conference will start on March 2nd.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen


The last two smartphones released by Samsung came with AMOLED Display, So rumors has it that the galaxy s6 will come out with the same technology. The Galaxy S6 will come in 5.5 inch screen size and with resolution of 2560 x 1440 and pixel density all sharp and crisp at 534 ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a Quad HD display which wasnt in the previous ones and this is expected to provide an ultimate viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera


There will be an upgrade in the camera this time. The  Samsung Galaxy s5 came with a 16 MP camera but the galaxy S6 will be coming out with a 20 MP with 4992 x 3744 pixels resolution! according to various sources.

The S6 will also have 5 MP front camera, Dual video recording, HDR, dual video call and Dual video recording features.

Samsung Galaxy S6 OS


Android 5.0 Lollipop is the new candy in town, So the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to come out with this newest OS. It will bring 64-bit support with it and its expected that the Galaxy S6 will have a 64-bit processor.

We can not say which processor yet, but it’s not going to go less than a Snapdragon chip. So it’s either going to be the Snapdragon 808 or Snapdragon 810 which are supposed proccessor for new decvices in the first half of 2015.

The Snapdragon 808 is a six-core 64-bit processor with support for 2K screens, while the Snapdragon 810 is an octa-core 64-bit chip which can power screens of up to 4K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Body





The Samsung galaxy S6 will also have a figure print sensor just like the iPhone, And its going to be dust-proof and water-resistant ( The smartphone will be able to resist water up to 30 min and 1 meter).

One of the leaked images found shows that the Galaxy S6 will have a metal body. But this is not official as it hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung, No confirmation as well on the phone’s weight or its dimensions.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is  expected to come out in four colors which are Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Shimmery White.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Prices

Putting together all rumors ranging from the features and specs of the Galaxy s6, It shows that the phone might have a good weight on people’s pockets. The Samsung Galaxy is expected to cost around $850 – $900.

Note: This features are not confirmed yet, but they are just rumors gathered from different sources on the upcoming smartphone from the Samsung Family, So they are expected to change on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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