Unlike Google Plus, (which is owned by Google of course), Twitter doesn’t give us (the users) the option to create a polling system which is why we have to look for external sources to achieve this aim.

There are many options to this, You can create a polls using Poll daddy or WuFoo and tweet the link, which will your followers can click and then it take them to the poll which is outside twitter.

This isn’t really good or engaging because many twitter users might find it disturbing having to leave their favorite social network to some random poll site.
So wouldn’t it be nice if they can just answer the quiz or  question straight on your tweets?
How to Run a Poll on Twitter Using Google Forms

Okay, Here is how

How to Embed Polls in your Tweet using Google Forms

Using Google forms as a poll on twitter is possible and in fact very easy. It works in a way that when you tweet a link to a Google Form, Twitter will then embed the actual form on the tweet and it shows when the tweet is expanded.

Here is a live example of a tweet with poll from Google Forms.

All you have to note while doing this is to make sure that your poll is short – simply because twitter has a character limit and therefore Twitter will only display a question or two which most people will not know how to move over to other hidden questions  – The hidden questions can gotten to using the TAB key. Also you should make sure you use small fonts and don’t use any description text instead do that in your tweet.

That’s it.