Google Chrome: Are You Aware of The Hidden Game in Chrome?

You might be amazed just like me when I got to find out that there’s a game hidden inside Google Chrome,  and the amazing thing is that it also works on Android too!

Google Chrome: Are You Aware of The Hidden Game in Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome very often, you would have encountered a little T-Rex dinosaur  showing up on your computer screen with the “You are offline” or “Unable to connect to the internet“.

As small as the dinosaur is, with a short arm, it simply means things were out of its reach just like the way Google Chrome has trouble reaching the Internet.

But that not the reason for this post.

The most interesting this is that this dinosaur is not just there to break the sad news, But it’s also a game on Google chrome to keep you busy till the internet gets back.

I bet you don’t know this before :)

To activate the game, Once your browser shows this error on your PC, Click on the space bar, and you will see the dinosaur jump up and ready for a run.  On mobile, Just click on the Dinosaur or your screen.

— Its addictive.

Once the game starts, The T-rex dinosaurs will run and your missions is to make sure the dinosaur doesn’t hit any of the saguaros.


This Google chrome game is written with JavaScript with the complete source code in the Chromium repository.

So to try it now, Just switch off your network to airplane mode and try to access any page on the internet. Remember for PC tap space to activate and on Android mobile tap the screen activate.

Thanks Codepo8 for the discovery.

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