Best Ways To Handle Common Problems & Use Your Android Device Like A PRO

Android OS, one of the leading Operating Systems which can be found in million devices, Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, even recently on Smart TVs is now an every day discussion.

As New Companies stormed the Technology market over the years to sell their innovations, complaints keep multiplying so much about these smartphones, heating up, hanging/lagging, poor camera, plastic material and all sorts many fingers point at new Phone manufacturers in relation to why their device did not last long or has one fault or the other.

Android Smartphones carrying most of these blames are the manufacturers like TECNO, Injoo, Infinix, and others who use MTK chipsets, despite they solved a great problem, bringing prices at its lowest.

Best Ways To Handle Common Problems & Use Your Android Device Like A PRO

Use Android Like a Pro

You may have spent some huge money to buy your Android, but as a techy guy, with few years of experience operating both powerful and low-end gadgets, Be it SONY XPERIA, SAMSUNG, TECNO, ITEL GIONEE or which ever, I believe they  can last as much as you want if you use the following practices below, based on FAQs people talk about :


This is the most popular statement people make,well here’s why your Android is heating up,

– You’re Browsing on 3G (HSPDA)

– Your Hotspot is On

– WiFi + huge downloads, will heat up your Android

– The Temperature of your Environment or where you kept the phone was quite high.

– Charging, this is not supposed to heat up your smartphone unless you’re charging and using it same time.

N.B: These above reasons are not a sign your phone is faulty, in fact it’s very NORMAL because of the  high-tech materials with which your Smartphone was built and energy consumed while the phone is used. Make sure you put off your 3G, HotSpot or WiFi when not in use.


Use Only Most Important Apps – Android is very powerful at multi-tasking but that doesn’t mean we won’t face priorities. There are apps we need to use daily, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Opera Mini, and E-mail client. Don’t expect the battery to last if you want to run all other Apps the same time as the important ones.

Reduce Chatting – Android is a very communicative device, make sure you close those Chatting Apps when you’re through, and if you must use all, make sure it’s one at a time.

Close those Apps you’ve opened – You can do this by going to Settings >> Apps >> Running >> Click each of them and Choose “Stop” to quit them from running in background.

Use Battery Saving Apps –  Install apps like DU BATTERRY SAVER or JUICE DEFENDER, any of these two are the best I can recommend.

Turn Off Connections when Not in Use – As I stated earlier, make sure you turn off the Bluetooth, or Data connection immediately after use. Change your Network to 2G or EDGE when you’re not in need of the 3G.


Busy Hands – If you’re going to be having a very busy day doing lots of hand work, it’s advised you keep your smartphone away, to avoid damages like Scratch, or the most dreaded one, falling and cracking.

Rainy Days – Except for those new water-proof Android phones, (i.e Galaxy S5, SONY XPERIA Z2 etc), it’s not advised to allow water to touch your device too often. Fault may not be instant but may come up someday when you’ve totally forgotten how it happened.


Some have complained of Data Loss, or something going wrong with their Operating Systems, to prevent this from happening, make sure you “SWITCH OFF USB DEBUG MODE” and Click “SAFELY REMOVE/ EJECT MEDIA” on your PC before you disconnect your Android USB cable from PC.


It’s as simple as that, Doesn’t matter whether your Android is made of Iron, gold, or plastic If You Want Your Android Smartphone To Live Long, be careful, how you keep, charge, and exchange connections and data with it.

I used my Android Smartphone (MTK precisely) for over a year without any serious fault in it, now I have packed back into its old Box when I got a replacement, a Smarter Android device now. I didn’t perform any magic to the former one, I only followed the same precautions above, hope we picked few tips to help our device last long.

Did I miss anything? Let us know.

In the mean time let’s hope to now use our Android devices like a Pro.

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