iOS vs. Android: The Battle of Operating Systems

Android and iOS Fight

92 to 93 % smartphone users either depend on the Android operating system or iOS mobile operating system. If this trend continues, there is no doubt that the future of the mobile market would be commanded through cutthroat competition between the two giants. Both these mobile operating systems were equally privileged few years back. However, Androids have pulled a higher amount of client base and have surpassed the iOS regardless of their late start. Androids have become the leader in the world of smartphones.

Gartner predicts that Android OS devices will be more than 4X more common next year globally than those powered by Apple.

Comparison between Android and other OS

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But what make Android ahead of iOS? Here are some reasons which have led Androids ahead of iOS.

1. Android lets you have more control over your mobiles

Android is a prominent mobile operating system which has the capability of imparting versatility, potential, and multi-functionality to the mobile devices. It has a file system which is open and can be viewed and accessed by anyone. Androids have the facility of dragging and dropping the files. This adds even more flexibility to the task of mobile handling. On the other hand, if you are using an iOS system and want to access any data on your mobile device which is not a part of iTunes application, you would have to sign up for an intricate exercise with third-party software.

2. Android lets you share your device with your friend and colleagues

Biggest drawback associated with iOS is that it is not capable of handling multiple users at a time. On the contrary, androids allow you to share a single device with multiple users which may include your family or workplace. iOS-based devices can be used by a single person at a time whereas androids impart plurality to the users niche.

3. Androids impart a more personalized touch and enhance software accessibility

Android works in a more user-friendly way and offers many more customization options as compared to the iOS. Besides this, Androids also magnifies the accessibility of third-party software such as, gvSIG Mini Maps, Swype keyboard, Shareprice, and more. User can customize the android as per his demand but cannot do the same with iOS. Sole aim of an iOS system is to keep up with its class identity, and therefore, it does not allow the users to maneuver its functions.

4. Androids allow many types of media options

Androids are based on an open system design, and therefore, it becomes very easy to load and add almost every media file including MP3, MP4, WMV, FLV, etc. on your mobile device. On the other hand, iOS lag behind the Androids in this opulence. Loading of media files is very complex on an iOS-enabled device as it requires you to extract them from the iTunes and further convert them in order to play it on the iOS device.

5. Androids offer very economic solutions and applications

Apple Inc. has tried to reduce the price of its applications and services through the introduction of iPhone 5C. How hard Apple may try to reduce the price, it can never be cheaper as compared to the Androids. Androids are known for the availability of solutions and applications at much cheaper rates. Generally all iOS-enabled phones are available at high price whereas android phones are available at high as well as low prices.

6. Androids offer a number of applications free of cost

Androids offer a lot many free applications as compared to the iOS operating system. Applications are costly with iOS as it has very strict quality checks and the application developers have to pay a lot of money to Apple.

7. Androids are more secure to work with

Security is a major concern in areas related to mobile device management. Android smartphones have a variety of inbuilt security management modes such as patterns, password, and face unlock, PINs, etc. It is very easy to customize the phone locking mode in Androids, thereby increasing the overall security of the phone system.

8. Action and Information center of the Android is far ahead of that of the iOS

Android allows you to view all the notifications instantaneously and also facilitates you to act on them immediately. Doing the same with iOS is just a dream. Performing simple tasks such as sending emails is also rendered very complex with the iOS operating system.

9. Android tries to improve itself in order to meet the market needs

Android has surpassed the iOS in terms of functions and applications even though it was released much later. Android has tried to match up with the market needs and has indeed labored hard in order to become more advanced than the iOS. Due to such advancements in a short span of time, Android has built a bigger market for itself as compared to the iOS. Whatever version of Android comes up, it is better than the earlier one. Android does not seems to slow down. On the other hand, iOS is no longer able to attract people towards itself owing to issues such as motion sickness.

10. Android is compatible with a lot of devices

The utmost reason behind the predominance of Androids in the mobile world is its compatibility and availability on a number of devices and physical platforms. iOS operating system is available only on Apple devices whereas Androids are available on a wide variety of mobiles and devices such as watches, netbooks, etc. Android devices are available at prices to suit the budget of most of the techies. However, iOS-based devices from Apple are very costly.

Androids have a bigger market share as compared to the iOS. In a short span of four years, Android has surpassed the iOS and is still improving itself continuously. Android is gaining momentum day by day as one can witness that its market share today is around 75 %.

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