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Black and White Web Design- Back with a bang in 2014

The world of web design has always been surrounded by some or the other innovations. Trends has come and gone with the passing years.

1 300x214 Black and White Web Design  Back with a bang in 2014

Web designs and templates have not remained untouched by these continuous evolutions. One such web design trend that was popular in the history and has made a come back is the Black and White concept. This is considered as one of the oldest web design trends, Black and White concept has come up with an all new style and attitude. The sharpness of ‘Black and White’ web designs has never been surpassed by the degree of innovation introduced into the web design aura.If you too want to get the vibe of Black and White web design trend then this is a blog post you would regret missing.

Here, I’ll be discussing some interesting aspects about this web design trend which is immortal and likely to witness incredible popularity in 2014.

Black & White Charm is Timeless

Websites with a combination of black and white never get dull or outdated. Web designers have always been successful in using black and white stylish aesthetics to build websites that stand out from the crowd. While the colors are superficial initial impression, a wise combination of white and black serves as an essence of a particular image. Black and White combination eliminates saturation in designs and photos, adding credibility to the final product.

Reasons which make Black & White combination a power booster for web designs

1. Can suit any and every identity

A combination of black and white expresses utmost elegance and sophistication. While the white color portrays happiness, purity, love and luxury, black color showcases all these human emotions and states. An intelligent use of these two neutral colors can easily define the identity of a business.

2. Easy access to a galaxy of shades

If you’re planning to go ahead with the black and white template, you’re definitely in luck because you can avail the option of choosing from a plethora of shades. As compared to other colors, black and white possess maximum number of shade attributes. One of the biggest plus points of black and white shades is that each one conveys something or the other, making it easier for the designer to choose a shade as per the site’s message.

3. Soothing to the eyes

3 300x193 Black and White Web Design  Back with a bang in 2014

As compared to the jazzy and harsh look of various color shades, a right combination of white and black is naturally soothing to the eyes. A popular research has revealed that people tend to spend greater amount of time on black and white websites rather than the ones built using bright colors.

4. Simple and Clean Touch

Black and white websites comes with a less cluttered structured as compared to the fluorescent and brightly colored online portals. With black and white templates, there’s always an element of space and this makes it the right choice for websites that need to maintain a minimal look and feel.

5. An impressive natural contrast

4 300x300 Black and White Web Design  Back with a bang in 2014

Black and White are neutral colors offering a natural contrast to every image/text they are used for. Every shade of black or grey looks stunning on a white background. Moreover, with white as the text color and black as the background color, you can easily add elegance to any web page. Specifically talking about images, they look brilliant on both white as well as black backgrounds.

Black and White works as ‘Magic’

A precise combination of black and white works wonders for enhancing the quality of a web design. Whether its about adding a specific style or showcasing the traditional business message, black and white web design has been successful in adding a high class style and minimalism to the entire website. This color scheme has been useful for setting effective tone of the web design. The professional look of black and white color scheme makes it the number one choice of entrepreneurs looking for building a unique brand presence.

Concluding Words

With 2014 being considered as the year that would highlight the criticality of simple, clean and expressive web designs, the emergence of black and white web design trend definitely serves as an icing on cake. As a promising web design trend, Black and White combination will witness the creation of beautiful and functionally-rich websites.

Please spare a minute to jot down your views/opinions on the above post.

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