Upload Webcam Images With Google’s Blogger

Google has a blog publishing platform called Blogger and they recently rolled out a feature that lets users upload personal webcam images into their posts. This can be a fun and useful feature that lets people to capture their special moments with their webcam and then easily re-share it to everyone who logs into their blog.

Upload Webcam Images With Google’s Blogger


The process is simple. In order to post webcam photos, simply use Blogger and first select “insert image,” then click on “from your webcam.” Once you snap a few photos, Blogger keeps the last three photos and allows you to select your favorites to insert into the post.

Users of Blogger seem to be happy with the webcam image upload feature. Comments on the blog where Google posts instructions have been mostly positive. Occasionally, Blogger users will offer suggestions, such as asking for the ability to post live webcam broadcasts, even though that is already available with Google+ Hangouts.

The original design for Blogger was created by Pyra Labs and their co-founder, Ev Williams, who went on to help launch Twitter which Google acquired in 2003.Facebook, meanwhile, continued the digital cold war between the two companies by requiring Blogger users to go through a Captcha check to filter out spam.

WordPress, however, has not followed suit and as yet does not require the same hoops to jump through in order to use the service.

In order to post content from to Google+, the process has been made a lot easier since Blogger recently went through a number of integrations with Google+, including many of Google’s products.

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1 Comment

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