How to Create an Online Quiz in Blogger Blogs

Having a self hosted blog with WordPress makes it very easy for you to accomplish the task of adding an online quiz competition on your blog because there are various Online Quiz Creator Plugins to use. But what if you have a blog hosted on blogger and you wish to have a Online Quiz in Blogger blog,

Is here anyway to have an online quiz on blogspot blog?

Yes. You can have an online quiz on blogger blogs. keep reading

Many new bloggers are not aware of this fact because they think there’s no tool that will allow them since blogger is restricted as per your ability  But that’s so wrongg.Here is how You can easily add a fully functional Online Quiz on Blogger Blogs for free.

How to Create an Online Quiz in Blogger Blogs for Free?

Heres how to create a free Online test or Online Quiz in Blogger Blogs
  • Go over to , on the site click on “Make a Test” button. like it is below

how to add quiz on blogger free

  • Once you click on “Make a Test” button as it is above , then you will be directed to another page where you will be given some information to read and fill in:

how to add quiz on blogger free

  • Now in the first box you see , you will need to write the name of the Test/ quiz you want.Lets say for example like i named in the screen shot above Site quiz test. Then in the second box, input the “Password“ (this is what you will use as your Admin Password, Once you forget it, you can’t get it back). So once you have done that, and retyped the password. then click on continue” Button.
  • After you click that, then you will be directed to the admin dashboard where you will find  “Adjust Settings“,” Add Questions” and “Publish” options.  like the image below:

how to add quiz on blogger free

How to use the “Adjust Settings” Option

  • Now, if you click on the “Adjust Settings” link as shown in above ,then you will see a page that looks like the image below. Here you can Change the Quiz/Test name, add information about the Quiz and the message.

how to add quiz on blogger free

  • Message entered in the “Introduction” text field will appear before the start of your Test. In the same way, message entered in “Conclusion” text field will appear at the end of Test.
  • Putting a check mark on “randomized the question order” will change the numbering of questions every time automatically.
  • Putting a check mark on “Display the correct answer” option will show the Correct answer after the completion of test.
  • All other Options are not difficult to understand so use it accordingly.
  • Once done, click on “Save” button.

How to use the “Add Questions” option

  • Here you can easily add Different questions to your Online Quiz or Online Test.jyst like it is below

how to add quiz on blogger free

  • Before adding questions, choose the “Type” which suits you best. In this tutorial, i have chosen the “Multiple Choice”.
  • As shown in the above figure, write the Question in the first textBox, which appears at the top.
  • Enter different choices accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to select the radio button for “Correct answer”. For example-in the image above, is the right answer  so i selected the radio button for it
  • Once you are done, then click on “Save” button to save the Quiz.or rather just click on “Save and Add new Question” button to add more.

How to use the “Publish” Options

  • Once you ave finished creating your quiz and added questions to it, the you can publish it.
  • To publish is very simple. Just click on “Publish” option below the or at the Navigation Menu. see below:

how to add quiz on blogger free

  • Once you click on “Publish” link, you will see the below given screen :

7 copy

  • Now click on “Publish” button. After that you will get a result page with the url of Published Quiz.


  • The url of published Test or Quiz will appear in above given manner. Just copy and use.
How to embed the Published Online Quiz in Blogger ?
  • Go over to blogger and Sign into your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Now click on “New Post” button as it is below

8 How to Create an online Quiz in Blogger Blogs for Free?

  • Now click on  “HTML” button and insert the below given code:

<br />
<iframe height=”500” src=”” width=”620“></iframe><br />
<br />

  • Make sure you replace the with your own Quiz Url.
  • You can change the Height and Width the way you like
  • After that, Publish your Blog post and enjoy.
So here you have it, The easiest way to create Online Quiz in Blogger platform for free. Incase you stumbled on this post and you are looking for some premium like free Blogger Templates, Click Here.


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