How to Hide Your Birth Date on Facebook

On Facebook, Which is the best social network available today. Almost anybody can check your profile, relationship status, where you work, your previous company, where you live and also check about your friends.

And the good thing is that vast majority of these things can be hidden with the Privacy feature of your Facebook account. So assuming that you need to hide your Birth date on Facebook, then you won’t find any place where you can remove your birthdate or even just edit it in the privacy settings page.

So Today, in this article i will show you how to hide your Birth date on Facebook and also hide your age from your Facebook followers or friends

There are so many reasons why you might want to hide your birth date on Facebook or on your Facebook profile. At some point you would prefer not to let your age be known to your friends and many of Facebook users are not happy with having their age posted on Facebook. As i specify above that you will not see any setting to hide your Age on Facebook Privacy settings Page. lately, Facebook made such a great amount of adjustment on Facebook timeline and after these, they removed the Hide age setting from the Facebook privacy page. Be that as it may you will do this effortlessly from your profile page.

So lets remove your age from Facebook now!


How To Remove Birth Date on Facebook

  • Go over to Facebook, and log into your Facebook account.
  • Once you are in, Now go over to your profile, then click Update Info button,  which can be found under your cover photo or rather just click on this link http://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php.
  • Now you should be on your profile page, there you should see your details which includes Work and education, Living, Family, About you, Contact Information and Basic Information etc.

How to Hide Your Birth Date on Facebook

  • Now from that page, go over to the Basic Info tab then Click “Edit” button. then click on the audience selector (on the right) to adjust who can see your birthday.


  • Click on the drop down menu under your birthday to choose which parts of your birthday people can see. You can display your full birthday, just the month and day, or you can hide your birthday completely. See the screen shot below:-

How to Hide Your Birth Date on Facebook 2

  • Once you are done, then click save . that’s all. By now, no one should be able to see your birth date on your Facebook page


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