Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Improve images Performance

WordPress Plugins To Improve Images Performance


One thing that is certain about why WordPress seems to be very popular and the most used Open source web script is its long list of available plugins. Ranging from installation and integration of sharing buttons, managing mailing lists, SEO optimization etc, All of this can be achieved by just installing a plugin.

So when it comes to SEO on WordPress. It’s not totally complete if you do not also improve your image performances. Optimizing images on your web site increase your loading speed.

So here in this post i will be sharing with you  5 WordPress Plugins To Improve images Performance.

1. Hammy


Hammy is a very good WordPress plugin that help to ooptimize images. it has the ability to streamline your pictures. It process pictures of diverse sizes according to your content size. Hammy comes with great inviting interface. It is basically utilized by pro bloggers because it has a very well-known stand in class of plugins which are used as a part of image processing.

2. LazyLoad

lazy load plugin

LazyLoad is the right tool when it comes to optimizing images on WordPress. It helps to load the image whenever a user views it. its one of the best WordPress plugin for image optimization, and it also work without any configuration.

3. CW Image Optimizer


CW Image Optimizer is another great tool for WordPress image optimization, In the event that you need to reduce the size of picture without influencing its quality then this plugin is best. It  allows your to easily optimize multiple images with no stress.

4.WP Smush


WP Smush is  a popular WordPress plugin that works for image optimization. It additionally streamline pictures and decrease the picture size. Smush is a flawless plugin which enhance and optimize images without any configurations just like Lazyload.

5. Parallelize


Parallelize is an immaculate and wonderful plugin that can be used to optimize WordPress images. it lets browsers to download documents from numerous domains and then increase the page loading time.

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