The Dangers In The Use Your Author Bio

Departing from the traditional way of optimizing a website through search engine optimization is the use of author biography. However, with the advancement in the Google algorithm changes and updates, many webmasters and writers experienced being penalized by Google that affect their SEO strategy using an author biography.

Penguin update is getting more stringent in looking not only into the content of the article posts online but is also taking a clear sweep over author biographies that are without substance and are poorly created that could eventually hurt your search engine optimization efforts.

Take a look on the following dangers that you might be at risk whenever you are using your author bio in promoting your authorship and business.

The Dangers of Using Your Author Bio

Your author bio might be too promotional

Linking your website URL in your author biography is a good search engine optimization tactic that worked for years but with the Penguin update, using your author bio to include a number of links out of proportion could result to an over promoted biography.

While you can mention in your author biography your business name, linking only one URL in your author bio is sufficient. Overdoing it could pose danger of making you stricken out from the Google search.

Poor link quality is associated with your author biography

Google will instantly know whether the links associated with your author bio is natural or not. It is no longer feasible to link the same link URL to the same author biography as you are promoting unnatural links through your authorship.

Moreover, mass guest posting using the same author bio that promotes the same link could hurt your SEO effort because your links will become unnatural and self promoting.

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You may be manipulating your author bio using the same anchor text

It has become a traditional practice among authors to use exactly the same anchor texts in their author bios.

Guest bloggers for instance are fond of using this kind of SEO practice where they create the same anchor texts using the name of their business or their website in an effort to promote a targeted keyword optimized for online promotion. It helps to know that links from blog posts do not significantly increase your webpage rank but it can offer an opportunity of associating your readers to the main keyword associated with your brand by using the same anchor text. While it does work fairly well prior to the Penguin update, this practice could be a dangerous one post the Penguin’s recent update.

The Dangers to Use Your Author Bio

Using your real name becomes an easy target by competitors

Because of the latest release of Google Plus that aims to promote reputable authorship among bloggers and writers, many were tempted to use their real name in their author biography. While this is a good way to promote your authorship with Google, you will certainly find the danger of making it easy for your competitors to search for you and to monitor your SEO efforts even without using any other tools. Your SEO efforts are thus more exposed to your competitors.

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Diversify your author biography SEO efforts

It is not advisable to promote your business with a single author biography that is associated with a single domain. If you aim of promoting the reputation of your website using author bio, you should try to diversify your strategy by creating different author names. Consumers will likely trust websites that are recommended by different persons thus it will be unlikely that people will trust a self promotional scheme where the same person keeps on promoting and recommending the same domain. Moreover, author biography is not the only effective means of promoting links of your business. Do not focus your SEO efforts in this respect only.

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