How to add Multiple Email Account in Windows 8.1 Mail App

Since Microsoft brought about windows 8.1, Which have been like an improvement to the existing windows 8 OS with various improvement into various part of the operating system which makes the Windows 8.1 Mail app a part of the improvement. Now with Windows 8.1, the Mail app have been made easy and eye-catching.
This new mail app, makes users feel like they are using a smartphone because of the design and feel just like it is on a smartphone where you get notifications when you receive a new mail.
The Windows 8.1 Mail App gives you the ability to use a custom domain emails on your system. So if you are busy/ business person like me and would love to know as soon as possible when you receive a mail then this Windows 8.1 mail apps will really suite you. The app works with  various email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Personnel server.
Although normally, this mail app only supports Microsoft account which you are using to Login to your system. But you can then add other accounts.


How to add Multiple Email Account in Windows 8.1 Mail App

Step 1: first, go over to the Windows 8.1 Mail App from windows 8.1 start menu.
Step 2: Now tap on the Right Side of the Screen, then a pop out with om out.
Windows 8.1 mail app
Step 3: On the screen option, now click on Setting> Accounts> Add An Account
Windows 8.1 mail app
Step 4: Now in the new tab that will open, Then select the email provider you want to  either Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, AOL or Yahoo and also if you want to use a custom domain, then you select other account
Windows 8.1 mail app Once you select, then you will need to fill in the login information needed.
Once you have done that and your details match well, then in no time, all your mails will be imported to your computer and them you will be able to start sending and receiving emails. You contacts and calendars will also be part of the imported data from your mail which means you can now access many of these offline.


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