• akpan

    thanx man. does it mean no money will be required when visiting the bank?

    • http://www.ahmsta.com/about Ahmsta

      Yes. GTBank, Normally opens a zero balance account. But for you to get ATM Card and other services you need to deposit.

  • http://jerebook.simplesite.com jerebook

    tanks, but pls could send me or tell me how to open a gtbank account online not only on facebook.

    • http://www.ahmsta.com/about Ahmsta

      Hi Jerebook, Right now this is the only way to open a GTBank account online through Facebook. You will still need to goto the bank.

  • catherine sule

    Pls I can’t find d place to click on put me tru so I can open d acct online

    • http://www.ahmsta.com/about Ahmsta

      hi, Please follow the Steps with Screenshots on the post, the Screen Shot is to provide exactly where to click on.

  • Opezy

    Technology has made like easy i think

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