How To Remove Bloatware From Your Android Device

If you use an android device, you should have heard about the term “bloatware”.

Whats bloatware?

Asking this question simply means you don’t know what bloatware is, Bloatware is all the pre-installed apps that comes with a phone when you just purchased it, and many of this apps can be termed as useless because most of them are not that useful but they just take your phone memory and then make your phone perform very slow.

One thing i hate most about this bloatwares is that they are not easy to delete which makes most users stucked with the apps. One of the best ways to remove bloatware is by making sure your android device is rooted and its only apps that have root access that can also remove them on your phone .

NoBloat Android App remove bloatware

Like i do, i have prepared a complete tutorial on how you can easily remove bloatware from your android that’s playing around on your android device using Nobloat app

This tutorial also include how you can easily restore back your bloatware apps should there be any problem while removing it.

How To Remove Bloatware on Your Android

  1. First thing you need to do is to makes sure your android is already rooted, if you have completely root your android phone then you can go over to the play store, download and install the Nobloat free app.
  2. Once installation is complete, then open the app then you will be asked if you want to grant root permission to the app, so you don’t need to wait further just grant the app access.
  3. Now go over to application area in the system apps , there you will be able to see all the applications that you have installed on your phone. Note: Any app that you see with the android icon are mostly system apps, so if you delete them, your device might start developing some faults.
  4. Before you start the removing process, i will advice you backup all your phones applications first in-case anything goes wrong then you will be able to roll back to your previous state. To do this just take a long press on an app icon then you will see a menu appearing where you can then select backup.
  5. Once backup is complete, you now make a long press on each app that you want to disable then click ok, doing this will make the app disappear by hiding it.
  6. Now to restore a disabled app, just open your nobloat app then tap on disabled apps. Doing this will now show you a full list of apps that have been disabled , then to enable them just make a long press on them and then click restore.
  7. If you intend to remove bloatware from your android, then go over to the apps and then make a long press on the app icon this time select backup and delete which means the apps will be backed up and then deleted. if you intend remove bloatware app completely without any trace then you can click on just delete without backup.
  8. To restore these deleted app , you can go over to the backup app option, there you can find the list of all the apps that have been backed up, then long press on them and choose restore.

There you go,

The simplest ways to remove bloatware apps on your android device easily.

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