Previously i have written a very detailed article on the benefits of rooting an android device and specifically on how to easily root your android device.

You should know that one of the benefits of rooting your android device is that it gives you the full access to your device, which also gives you the ability to install root only apps from the play store. And to make your apps to have access to your system files as well as modify them, you will be required to grant them special root access permission otherwise they might not work properly.

Superuser - how to give root access to android apps

As i normally do, i am here to give you a simple tutorial on how you can easily grant root access to apps on your android phone.

You don’t need to worry too much because whenever you have an app installed and the app needs a root access, you will be prompted if it should be granted or not and this will help you protect your phone from malicious apps having root access.

How To Grant Root Access To Apps On Android

  1. Normally if you have successfully rooted your android phone,  The Superuser app get installed automatically with the busy box app. And sometimes this Superuser app doesn’t get installed automatically, which means you will be required to go over to the play store and then download and install the Superuser app.
  2. Now after you have successfully installed the superuser app, when ever you launch it, you will see a page where all the applications that you have installed and granted full access is listed.
  3. If you then swipe to the right , you will see all the activity log for all the apps that you have rooted on your android device.
  4. After all that, you can now go ahead and install any app that will need the root access permission. Because of this guide we will use the titanium backup app as example, this titanium backup app requires root permission for it to work properly because it is suppose to make full backup of all Android applications installed on your phone.
  5. After you have successfully gotten that downloaded on your phone, Then install and launch it, once you open it you will see a pop up dialogue box which will be asking you to grant the titanium backup app root access to your phone. Now since you want to grant it full root access, then click on the remember box (so that you wont get the popup again the next time of launching) then click Allow.
  6. But if its in a case of app that you do not want to grant full access then you can press the Deny button. Then this app will not have full access to root, but if its an app that need full access to work the app will close once you press deny and might not work properly until root access is granted.
  7. So once you have granted the app the root permission then you will be able to use the app just like every other app.
  8. To check all those apps that have been given root access and also to change their  permissions, you can do that in the Superuser app. That’s the work of the Superuser app..

So here we go!

The tutorial will allow you to make apps have root access on your device and with the Superuser app you can keep tab of all root access only apps.

Do you still have some problems doing this? feel free to place you comment below and i will surely give you a working feed back.


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