How To Easily Root Your Android Device

When it comes to one of the modern day highly preferred, most used mbile Operating system till date, The Android OS is a catch.

The OS is very easy to customize, No matter what form an android devices comes with, if you ever feel unsatisfied with the way it is, you can easily change it and customize it exactly the way you want whereby the android device will match your exact needs.

Many people have been enjoying the customization benefits of their android device, but do you know that you stand to get more customization tool when you root your device?

What is Rooting?

Rooting or rather rooting of an Android device gives you the full permission to have access to your device’s System files which means you will have a whole lot of extra features at your grasp which you might have concluded impossible. Additionally, you will be able to use root only apps which are made available for download in the  play store and many of these applications gives your great number of features which makes using an android device fun.

How To Easily Root Your Android Device

Also, whenever you want to install root applications, you can as well flash your device with custom ROM this will give you more open doors of freedom.

In this article, i have decided to place a complete guide on how to easily root various types of android phones.

How To Root An Android Device

  1. Like i will always advice you do first, before you start making any changes on your phone i will advice you make a backup first. You can do this either on your Micro SD card or  cloud. The titanium backup is a great tool to back up your android apps.
  2. If you are using an older android devices and you wish to install a new ROM’s into it, then you should root it first.To do that, go over to then follow the guide on how to root your device.
  3. To make use of the SuperOneClick method, what you need first is to download the SuperOneClick program on to your computer. Then on your android phone, go over to settings > applications > development and switch on USB Debugging. After that, connect your android phone to your computer using a USB cable then click  root.
  4. If you own a nexus device, rooting it is quite easy, What you need is just to download the Nexus Root toolkit, with this you can install it and root you device with just a click.
  5. If you own a HTC One X and you wish to root your phone, just download HTC One X All-in-one toolkit which can be found at Download it then unpack the toolkit on your computer deskop then follow the guide on how to root the device.
  6. At times, whenever you want to root HTC One X you might be required to unlock the bootloader of the device. To do this, go over to then select all other models from the drop down menu.  After you have successfully downloaded it, now move back to the All-In-One tool in number 5, then root your device.
  7. With the fact that there are various android devices in the market, this is the reason why its deifficult to root all android devices using the same method,  If need a full list of popular devices Use this guide at or you could also try having a look at the XDA forum.

This are the esiest way you can root your android device.

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