Over the years, lots of internet users have beginning to use liberty reserve (a Costa Rica-based payment processor) to make transactions online in a very easy and effective way, and as a result of the wide acceptance of the service many cyber-criminals have used the opportunity to lure innocent users into some hack in other to steal their financial information.

Liberty reserve is a suitable way of making money online, it allows it’s users to transfer funds to other users as well as receive funds. It works just like a credit and debit card.

As more users are enrolling into the use of the service, the more cyber criminals are finding ways hack into various users accounts.

Just last night around 8.35pm, i got a mail in my inbox with the title “Liberty Reserve Payment Received.

Liberty Reserve Scam Email

Sincerely, i was like WOW cool cash, then i wondered again, payment for what? referral? i hardly use this account and i have only used it once to receive payment so i could fund my PayPal account so no one else know i have one nor have i used it in any referral program.

So that brought the immediate suspicion then i know its a scam mail..Normally, Gmail makes sure they help as much as possible to put spam like mails into the spam folder, but i don’t know how this manage to escape the net, that why you can not always depend on that to know a spam message, Some of them looks so real.

How to recognize a Spam email / phishing mail

Are you wondering how i got to know the mail was a scam?

Unknowingly to many people, they will fall for this scam because it was perfectly planned but there are some leaks that make a phishing mail / scam mail different form the original, Lets check out my findings below:

When i received the mail, First i opened the mail and check the senders email, And that looks genuine

Liberty reserve scam email 2

Then i check the link in the mail, Just the way i expected, when i placed my cursor on the link, It doesn’t point directly to the legitimate site even though it looks so original, Its been directed to an IP address ( which will later redirect to a fake Address which was smartly set up by the phishers.

Liberty Reserve Scam Email

After clicking on that, i was directed to a new page that looks like this

Liberty Reserve Scam

Telling me to log in, On a normal day if the site is real and you are already logged in your liberty reserves, the page is suppose to validate your login status, but because this is a fake site i was asked to log in again just like this:

Liberty Reserve Scam Email

Now check the address bar of this screen shot and the previous one, you will notice its libretyreserve.com instead of the legitimate site which is libertyreserve.com.

The legitimate site has https encryption just like this with page rank 5

Liberty Reserve Scam Email 9

i did an IP Lookup of the two sites which shows the location of the real legitimate site and that of the phishing site.

Legitimate Liberty reserve Look up

Liberty Reserve Scam looking

Fake Liberty reserve (librety) Look up

Liberty Reserve Scam log

So many user do not have that attention drawn to all of this, there by log in with their account number and password which will in turn send all off their info, In order for the victims to get trapped and make everything look legal, most of the links on the website point to the genuine Liberty Reserve URL. So once you submit your account details, then it will get submitted to a database which is in control of the attackers.

So apart from the security liberty reserve have in place, you still have to be cautious yourself because there are lots of this scam messages all around, you just need to be careful. once you mistakenly click on this links before you got to realize they are scams, clear your cookies and change your email password.

liberty reserve as a company is not fraudulent? you just need to be careful the way you access your account, never access your account through your email, go directly to the site URL.


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