5 Best Disk Defragmenting Tools For Windows 8

One of the most important thing to do to improve and increase the speed your windows hard drive performance is to defrag your hard disk.

Defragmenting tools puts together different records and folders on your Windows PC hard disk for the purpose that each of them takes a single space on the disk. Generally when you erased certain files or move them from your PC, after some time the hard drive can get divided with many documents split up in numerous areas all over the drive.

And this kind of things cause the system to start performing very slow which will also have an impact in the booting process , like slow boot up.So its advisable to defrag your Windows hard disk at least once in a week to increase the performance of your computer.

Even though the windows market is a large one where you can get various things you want include applications that have the option for you to defrag your windows 7, 8 computers. But the problem whenever there are different options is which is right to choose for your PC.

In this post today, i have decided to list out some of the best defragmenting tools that will surely make your PC faster.

Best Windows hard Disk Defragmenting Tool

List of 5 Best Disk Defragmenting Tools

In no particular way of listing

1. Defraggler


The defraggler application is a  very easy to use deframenting tool, it allows you to defragment single files and folders, and also its a very light app for windows, it includes some great features like

# Scheduled defragmentation

# Multi-lingual support,

# Its Portable, Safe and Secure.

2. Disk Defrag


Disk Defrag is another great deframenting application for windows Hard disk, it’s light in weight, its free and includes some great features too. It has the option of shutting down/ restarting your computer once defragmentation is completed. This is mostly helpful if you want to set your PC to defrag your hard disk while you go to bed. And also, you can select many drives to defrag at the same time, you wont need to click each drive one by one.

3. Smart Defrag


Smart Defrag is a design of one of the best company, iObit. and its also a free application which supports boot-time defragmentation, which means your hard disk will be optimized immediately you set on your computer. The app works fast and quietly in the background which makes it good when it comes to defragmenting of big size hard drives.

4. Auslogics Disk Defrag


If you are looking for a clean and neat deframenting tool, the Auslogics Disk Defrag tool is a good one. It improves the performance of your PC by defragmenting and re-arranging files on your disk.

It also allows you to defrag single folder on your windows computers and also works greatly as a silent background app just like the smart defrag.

5. WinUtilities Free Disk Defragmenter


Another great useful defrag tool for windows and vista PC is the WinUtilities Free Disk Defragmenter. Using this app, you will get detailed analysis of your defragmentation action as it gives you a detailed report. its a very efficient defragmenter application.

This are some of the best defragmenting tools i am able to find on the internet, they have been tested and found working, If you decide to use any of them and find trouble using them, feel free to call ma attention to it.

Do you have  any other defragging tool to include in this list,please specify and it shall be included ;)


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