In this time of advancement in technology, almost all things are made easy with the help of the internet, PHCN is not lacking behind in terms of advancement too.

If you are a PHCN Customer and you wish to pay your electricity bill without having to leave your house to face the long que at the PHCN office or designated banks, this online payment system should work for you.

In this tutorial i will be guiding you on how you can easily pay your NEPA bill online.

how to pay phcn nepa bil online

How To Pay Your PHCN (NEPA) Bill Online

All you need is just your credit card (ATM card), then go over to


2. Scroll over to “Utility Bills“, Then click on PHCN Postpaid (ALL ZONES)

3. A new page will open, then click on the “PAY” button in green

How to pay PHCN NEPA bill online

4. In the next page, you will be required to input your details like your Email, Mobile Phone Number and your Customer Account Number.

Your customer account number should be in this format : xx/xx/xx/xxxx-xx or xxxxxxxxxx-xx

So once you have filled all of this then click the “NEXT” button.

5. After you click the Next button, a new page will show up for you to verify your details, Once you have check and verified that your details are correct, then input the amount you want to pay, then clickPAY

How to pay PHCN NEPA bill online 2

Note: You will be charge a convenience fee of  NGN 100.00

6. Once you click pay, you will be redirected to the Quickteller Interswitch Web Payment Gateway where you will be required to input your payment details, then click “PAY

Quickteller web payment gateway PHCN NEPA bill online

Once you click pay, if your payment details are right, you will be billed and your payment directed to the successful where you can print a receipt to keep, as well as a text and email message will be sent instantly confirming your payment.

That all you need to pay your PHCN (NEPA) bill online easily , it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


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