Have you tried countless of method for you to watch free TV live on your windows 8 computer and ever wondered if its actually possible to even watch TV live on a windows 8 PC? If Yes , Then i tell you its very possible to watch TV shows online with the use of an app called Live TV app for Windows 8.

Live TV is a free application that works with windows 8 operating system, This application had been made available for download in the Window 8 app store, Just navigate to the Entertainment section of the store and you will find it.

Using this app enables you to watch Standard definition videos on your computer and mobile devices but if you require that you really need to watch them in High Definition (HD) and also download then that will require you to pull out little amount of cash off your pockets.

With Live TV, You can watch various TV channels live from the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Watch live Sports, News, Lifestyle, Movies, Shopping, Kids and more. All you need is just to install the app from Windows 8 App Store .

Watch TV Online Windows 8 : How To Watch TV Online With Free Live TV App

Watch TV Online

Once the application is downloaded and installed, Run the App on your Windows 8 PC then you will see full list of channels you can watch on your PC. These channels are divided into various categories (such as Local, UK TV, Premium, Religious, Documentary, Comedy, Bikini, Arabic, Italian, Lifestyle, Music, kids, shopping, education, and much more.) like we have it below which makes it easy for you to find your favorite TV shows.

Live TV categories Windows 8 : How To Watch TV Online With Free Live TV App

Live TV Categories

This App also have a reminder functions. If the show you want to view has a reminder option set, then you will be able to schedule your timing. These timings are available in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour, so with this you will be reminded of your favorite shows once its time.

Live TV Reminder Windows 8 : How To Watch TV Online With Free Live TV App

Live TV Reminder

One great thing i love about this Live TV windows 8 app is that it’s completely free (who doesn’t like free stuffs? ;) ) it has a huge list of TV channels,shows and lots more.

You can easily download this app in the windows 8 app store or just follow this link to Download Live TV App


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