Unlocking modems had been a very great issue for some users, many still find it very difficult unlocking their modems, be it Hauwei modems or ZTE modems.

I was surprised recently when i was engaged in a discussions about modems coupled with questions such as

Which is modem is better?

Why its Hauwei modems better than ZTE modems?

Along the line someone suggested that the ZTE modem isn’t an option because it cants be unlocked.


This is the Kind of Dongle/ modem i use personally (Glo Netpro) and i am currently running my Airtel Internet subscription in it.

Due to this low exposure, i have decided to write out the simple steps on how to unlock ZTE modems. If you require how to unlock other modems like Hauwei Modems, See Here. I have given a detailed explanation on how to go about it there.

How To Easily Unlock Your ZTE modems

How to unlock ZTE modems

To unlock your ZTE modem, we will be making use of a universal Unlocking software known as  DC Crap Modem Unlocker. This software has proven very effective because it has been used by many all over the world and testimony keep rising.

Here is how to use it:

1. First of all, Download DC Crap Modem Unlocker here

2. Remove your modem from your computer if you’ve plugged it already

3. Then install the software and launch it

3. Now take out your ZTE modem that you wish to unlock, and plug it in

4. Select from the list of Manufacturers, the maker of your modem, and the model, or rather use the auto select option to detect automatically for you.

5. After that, Tick ‘Read Unlock Code & Auto enter to Modem

6. Click ‘Do Job’.


Your unlock code has just been generated and your ZTE Internet Modem now unlocked.

Unlockd Glo Net Pro ZTE MODEM

Unlockd Glo Net Pro ZTE MODEM

Insert a new Sim card into your modem now like i have above, My Airtel Sim working in the previously locked GLO NETpro ZTE Modem!


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