This might sound or look unbelievable, but it is true! Airtel Nigeria’s offer of 1 free GB (1024 MB) of data plan has been on for a while now, but we have not been able to confirm if it is a promo with a defined time period, or if it has become part and parcel of any Airtel SIM card, designed to make Airtel ever competitive. Whether on a limited time scale or on a lifetime basis, we are not certain, however, what it true is that Airtel Nigeria offers 1 free GB of data plan.

To enjoy this service, simply text the word “SocialMonth” (without the quotes) to 440. You don’t necessarily need to have credit, After executing the SMS command, you will receive a text message from 0802 like:

“Thank you for subscribing to the Airtel BlackBerry service. Your BlackBerry activation request will be concluded shortly.”

Even though the notification would give the impression you’re subscribing to Airtel BlackBerry service, we found out that you could use the data resource to do regular browsing, downloading and chatting. You can also put the SIM card on your modem and establish a working Internet connection on your PC.
Shortly after receiving the first message, you will get a second message like:

“You have been successfully activated on the Airtel BlackBerry service. Kindly remove and replace your BB battery to get the service running.”

Do as instructed.
To confirm your data resource, dial *141*712*0#, or better still *123*10# and the message, “You have 1024MB left of your data bundle plan. You bundle expires on 18-Jul-2011. Airtel,” will hit your display!
Note that it was assumed that your subscription date was 18 June; hence the expiry date will be 18 July. The validity of the data resource is 30 days or when the resource is exhausted whichever comes first.
Ensure to load Airtel Internet settings to your phone so it could browse. Enjoy!


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